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Thread: Who knows something about the old NEC PC-6001A around here?

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    FYI I have a 6001 with matching cassette in the orig box (the computer not the cassette)....I could be convinced to sell it if the price was right.
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    For those of you on Facebook that want to exchange info, I have a group for Japanese computer fans...

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    Quote Originally Posted by alank2 View Post
    PC6001_Schematic_.pdf (8.90MB)
    Link is dead. Can someone repost this please?

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    Sorry for the delay, reposted:

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    Thank you very much

    I was away for a while too

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    I just got a 6001 from Japan myself. All I seem to get out of it right now when connected to the TV is a white screen.

    I probed the cartridge slot on the side to see if I could figure out if any voltages are missing.

    +5V: 5.09V
    -5V: 0.75V
    -12V: 0V
    +12V: 0V

    I haven't had a chance to open it up yet but it sounds like I might also have a blown fuse on my power board. Maybe each rail is fused separately? I'll have to study the schematics.

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    Mine had a bad diode in the power supply which led to a blown fuse. They have 4 large diodes in a full wave bridge I think on it. If you need the schematic I can post it. The power board is is separate from the main pcb and easy to get to with the cover off as I recall. Good luck!

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    And keep in mind that if the PC-6001 uses 4116 DRAMs (most probably) and the power rails are faulty, the RAM could also be bad. These ICs are very sensible to failures of their three voltages.

    Btw: Check this page: NEC PC-6001 repair
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    Of the six PC6001s I bought from Japan, 2 were good, 4 were bad. Need to get back to working on them. Seem to recall 1 had bad power supply... I have spare PS... and three had bad video.. prob RF modulator, 6847 or RAM.

    Has anyone replaced their entire bulky PS with a modern design?


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    As the 6001 needs +12V,+5V and -12V it would be easy to replace it with an ATX PSU (picoPSU preferably). I've never repaired my 6001s; but my 6601 has a new ATX PSU and it uses the same voltages.


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