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Thread: Who knows something about the old NEC PC-6001A around here?

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    Thank you for the links/posts inotarobot. Part of the difficulty in this is dealing with the language differences, especially in searching. I've gotten really good at using google translate though!!!

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    jltursan - can you take as good a picture of the back side of the PC-6006 board? I'd like to see that too if you can! Thanks!

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    Yep, I'll take one. Do you have plans to clone it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jltursan View Post
    Yep, I'll take one. Do you have plans to clone it?
    Yes, I was going to make an all in one card that stuck out the side like Mr. Nishida had, but it was a mess to route signals on and you don't have any choice to plug it all in or unplug it all together.

    Here is what I ended up doing - I submitted the order for the PCB's this morning, so hopefully I'll have them soon and can test them out. I went with a modular approach so I made a "slot expander" PCB with plugs into the cartridge and expands it into 4 "slots" that use 2x25 square post header instead of the harder to deal with a pricier card edge.

    I then developed a 16K memory expansion module for it (which uses SRAM instead of DRAM), and a ROM expansion module for it (512K FLASH that allows selecting of up to 32 virtual 16KB cartridges).

    I still need to design the FDD to microSD emulation module, so that is next on my to do list. I may also make a cassette to microSD module as well, I'm not 100% yet but probably.

    I ordered these in white PCB's because they look so cool in white, we'll see how they turn out.

    If you would like any of these/this project, I'll make you some at my cost.

    The pictures are NOT rendered in white - I used which renders in purple just to show an example of what they will look like.
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    I've added some pics to my PC-6001B album:

    Look for the PC-6006 back at the end of the album, you can also see a very rough FDD-SD interface. IIRC it's based on designs from this page: You'll find lots of info in there.

    Of course I'm interested in your designs, pretty cool boards. Let me know the details...

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    I've seen a few other SD FDD emulation designs, some even that use the joystick port. Do you know if they have to have an 8255 to be compatible with the original FDD controller/drive hardware? I have to think so...

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    I've not enough AVR programming skills to know if there's some kind of 8255 features implemented in the firmware; but it's highly probable...

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    AVR's are something I know fairly well and the problem is that they don't have a latch type of I/O. For example, when the WR pin goes high, an AVR can have a pin interrupt on it that stops it from what it is doing and then it can jump to an interrupts, but it takes 4-5 cycles to do this which is usually not fast enough. Now, on the other hand, if it was waiting in a tight loop for that pin change, it might be able to respond faster, but there are other conditions it needs to deal with such as is it the one being addressed for that pin change, etc. He is using latches and gates so I suppose he just replaced the 8255 with a different way to do it that requires many less pins.

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    I have the 6001's cassette player. PC-6082, no cables. I also have a 6001A but I have done nothing much with it.
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    My friends at Elecrow did not disappoint as usual, sending me more boards than I ordered. Can't wait until lunch time, I'll solder some up and see if they work!
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