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Thread: British Retroist Checking-In

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    I've long been a collector of retro video game consoles and I have a small collection of the home computers and portables. I was raised on the ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro so that's my era but my favourite computers from back in the day were the IBM PC XT and the Digital DECMate II but sadly I wasn't able to hold on to either.

    These days I'm fascinated by things like the Epson HX-20 (I've got three) and the Atari Portfolio but I've no idea what I'm going to do with them!

    I've listened to all of the History of Personal Computing podcast, all of Retrobits and a silly amount of Floppy Days and the Retro Computing Roundtable and that's what's brought me here.

    In short:

    10 PRINT "Hello VCFED!"
    20 GOTO 10

    Cheers, Ash.

    P.S. If anyone knows how to browse easier from an Android phone please let me know.

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    Greetings from across the pond!

    For phone viewing, at bottom left corner of page change from vB4 to mobile.



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