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I cleaned up my computer room a bit. Decided to shoot a few pictures with most of my vintage collection running at once. Not pictured are my Aptiva A-12 (currently undergoing deep restoration), Commodore Vic20 (Under dust cover on one of the shelves), and a few P2 laptops.

In the 1st picture (From left to right):
Asus-based Super Socket 7 Tweener (Cyrix 233, ~100mb RAM, PCI 100mbps NIC, SB Vibra16) dual boots DOS 6.22 and Win98 (2gb DOM and 20gb HDD) using PLOP boot manager.

IBM Thinkpad 390 Tweener (Pentium MMX 233, 256mb RAM, 14gb HDD, WiFi Adapter) running Win98

Packard Bell Legend 300SX (386sx16 + 387sx16, 5mb RAM, 200mb HDD, SB Pro 2.0) running DOS / 3.1 (soon to be Win95, video documented) + IBM G40 VGA Monitor.

Soldering workstation (Not vintage, but works well) Underneath the soldering bench is a Compaq Celeron-based machine from 1999 running Win98, I haven't really done anything to that box yet, not even sure if it's Slot 1 or Socket 370, never opened the case.

Zenith Data Systems ZFL-181-93 Laptop (80C88, 640k, Dual 720k floppies, Monochrome + CGA out) Running DOS 5.0 from floppy.

Tandy 1000 RLX-HD "B" model. (286-16, 4mb RAM, 20mb XTA IDE) Running Tandy DOS 5, Win 3.1 (no mouse), Monitor is Generic VGA that came with the Compaq Celeron.

The printer underneath the Tandy is a Panasonic 1080i, which is currently hooked to the Packard Bell. It prints beautifully.

Second picture is just a different angle of my 'Studio'.