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    Default Tandy 1000-WS

    Here you go. My other action win.

    I've attached some pretty good size pictures (if the forum doesn't crop them). The Tandy part numbers are on everything.

    Edit: Higher quality pics:

    This appears to be in a TL style case, as witnessed by the floppy drives (2x). However, the board somewhat resembles a later SL/2 type board (but without the audio DAC jumpers in the front). Be happy if you all could compare this to the SL, SL/2, TL/2, TL/3, SL/E, etc. There is a lot on this board that is not populated. I'd love to figure out what it's missing (besides the obvious ISA slots, the DRAM sockets, and floppy connector).

    I've dumped the BIOS and the Welch Allyn and Tandy Boot ROM from the ISA card. The system boots into a Tandy terminal emulator, expecting I/O on the built in serial port. It boots into MDA mode, with a POST of 128K. There's apparently enough sockets to add 128K more, for 256K. If anyone can interleave the ODD and EVEN BIOS files for me to make one coherent 32K file, let me know.

    The two ports on the ISA card are for a serial printer and a credit card reader. I vaguely recall a light barcode pen reader as well, but I don't remember how it hooked up. Maybe it daisy chained with the printer or credit card reader.

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