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Thread: Whats the craziest thing you've found inside an old TRS-80?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRS-Ian View Post
    When I got it home and opened it up both disk drives were filled with candy wrappers. I removed them all, cleaned the heads on the disk drives and it worked perfectly. There was nothing else wrong with it.
    It's not just kids who do that. At work, we once got a hard drive duplicator for a song, because it didn't power on. Upon opening it up we found that somebody had disconnected the power switch and then very meticulously fastened up the wires to eliminate any possibility of a short when it was powered on.

    We could only assume that somebody, in the lab that it came from, wanted a newer and better one...

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    Easiest to do in US/Canada: if there's an internal jumper for 120/240V, set it to 240V. Most older things won't power up.

    Got a brand-new tape drive that way, complete with shipping documents and factory QA test documents.

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    This is only a little bit off topic but I hope amusing.

    We moved house. I freighted one server computer over to my wife.

    Some weeks later I joined her and I said: "I suppose that server is really noisy."

    She said "No dear, it's really quite quiet"

    I said "You did remove all those plastic bags and bubble wrap I put inside the case for transit right?"

    She said "No"

    By some miracle the server had not totally overheated, and after extraction of all the packing material inside it was back to its good old noisy self!

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    $20 bill.
    Rick Ethridge

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    Picked up a couple of 6000's. Inside each were the Bernoulli interface card and 2 meg memory cards. Never got the sound designs 2 meg cards running. Don't know if there is a bad set of memory or if the xenix kernel is just picky. They're made of soldered in 256k SIPs.

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    I found an rather large screwdriver freely rolling about inside a T1K

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    A letter written from the USSR after short circuiting a Model III that didn't work properly (wouldn't read floppy disks). So I would "fry" power on/off the unit until bizarre things happened. I scrolled down to read whatever weird letter it was but couldn't scroll back up to retrieve it and it was gone forever but the words were legitimate. However, I would learn that USSR probably had nothing to do with the actual USSR and was just another function call or USR. I found it interesting to see the clock appear in the left hand corner and count down. As a kid, I had no idea it even had a clock function but would later learn it did. Then when it would print continuously KILL PAM followed, I found it equally creepy. (My mother's name is Pam...) but later I would learn that PAM was something code related, though I forget now... something program address memory?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Towmater View Post
    I found an rather large screwdriver freely rolling about inside a T1K
    I found a very nice (but rusty) socket wrench rolling about in the hull of the M561 Gama Goat that I used to have, underneath the engine. I sold the truck several years ago, but I still have the wrench.

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    A bunch of quarters inside a Model 4 about 5 or 6 of them. Roach carcasses, Mouse droppings too. It was a mess almost like the one Ian showed earlier!


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