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Thread: Contributing to the tvdog Tandy 1000 archive

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    Not I, but I'll do ImageDisk. Need to get floppy drive put back in my Win 10 machine. I'll let you know in a PM when I upload and where (will be a Zip file of course)

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    If you're inserting a disk into a machine running live graphics Windows XP or later, make sure it's write-protected. XP and later changes bits in the MBR of any diskette you insert, so it's modified before you have a chance to image it. (That's why I boot pure DOS when using ImageDisk.)
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    There are some disks up on eBay right now that are from a TL3. I can’t image one of mine due to a bad sector. I might bid on that one since it’s low. It seems to be a bit more complete with some extras.

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    I’m just using the Tandy TL3 to image to the emulator. Good point about the NT and beyond modifications. I forgot about that. They are all protected though.


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