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Thread: TandyVision CDs

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    Default TandyVision CDs

    Any idea what these are? They appear to have Windows files on them and a bunch of stuff I can't read.

    TandyVision 2.0 -- TandyVision registered trademark of Tandy Corporation.
    Copyright Notices
    Data (c) 1991, 1992 Tandy Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Shell (c) 1991, 1992 R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company
    and Mammoth Micro Productions Inc.
    All Rights Reserved
    RTE (c) 1989-1991 Mammoth Micro Productions Inc.
    DbVista (c) 1985-1989 Raima Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Operating System (c) 1991 MicroSoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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    Odd. TandyVision was the label given to a Radio Shack version of the Intellivision back in the early 80s. That would not use CDs though.

    Based on the dates, it looks to be a prerelease disk for the very unsuccessful Tandy VIS which was an attempt to make a 286 Windows PC into a game console. Weird thing.

    Maybe list the files?

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    It might be training material for Radio Shack employees. Companies would often call such training an "Information Network".

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    Here are the .bin/.cue files if anyone wants them. Knock yourself out.

    If anyone gets these running in DOSBOX or Wine, let me know

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    This appears to be software for a catalog kiosk called "TandyVision Information Center" that ran on DOS 5 / Windows 3.0 MME. I vaguely remember one of these in our local Radio Shack.

    If you build a minimal system running DOS 5, mount the ISO and run \UPDATE\UPDATE.BAT it will install the software on the HD. It then boots, loads CD/sound drivers and runs "win /s tshell" from the \VISION\BIN directory.

    The Windows install is configured for a Carrol touch screen and Paradise VGA. I started playing around with it in VMWare Workstation but tshell wont load with the generic VGA driver. Switched to DOSBox and with machine=svga_paradise it looks like it could be made to work but I ran out of time for tonight



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