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Thread: SOL 10 on Ebay

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    Default SOL 10 on Ebay

    Wow.. after reading snuci's SOL-PC post, up comes a Sol 10.

    I'm not sure what to make of this. says the 10 was supposed to be stripped down... no fan, no backplane. This looks otherwise like a standard Sol 20.. maybe the motherboard was replaced?

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    I think everything BUT the motherboard and case was upgraded. Judging by the extra cards in the auction, I would guess that the original owner bought the Sol-10 and then added the backplane, upgraded power supply and 85 key keyboard later on when they started dabbling with S100 cards. They essentially turned it into the Sol-20. What would have been good is if they kept the old parts (old power supply and keyboard). In this case, it looks like a Sol-20 with a Sol-10 badge. At least we know what a Sol-10 badge looks like.


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