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There is a key marked RUN/STOP. Unshifted, it is STOP, which is equivalent to Ctrl-Break or Ctrl-C on other machines. Shifted, it is RUN, which in BASIC is the same as typing LOAD (return) RUN (return). I'm not sure where it lies in the keyboard matrix of a 2001, but it is there. It's very handy if you're using cassette, and through a little trickery, even moderately useful for disk operation.
If you use Basic 4.0, the shift+Run/Stop key is equivalent to DLOAD"*" <return> RUN <return>. This would load the first program from a disk drive and then run it. So as long as you don't have a keyboard (emulator) and only tape as storage device, the shift-Run key combination will only be useful with the early versions of the BASIC ROM.

Great project by the way!