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Thread: Tandy 1000 Adapters - expressions of interest?

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    When I do my order its a minimum of 3 boards for $8.95. I've been designing a board for the last week and once I am comfy with it I'll do a medium size order.

    I should have at least 1 left over, if so I'll post in here for the first to grab it for shipping.

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    Great, 3 works for me! Is there a list I can sign up for? Sorry, I'm new here...

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    I ended up making my own PLUS to XT/ISA adapter as a ribbon cable, due to the extreme constraints with which I had to mount the card. I'm in the process of prototyping my own version of Lo-Tech's 8-bit IDE/CF card that uses the PLUS connector (62-pin female BERG), since there's precious little space in there.

    Honestly, I can't imagine why Tandy went with this convoluted PLUS system rather than just a XT/ISA riser like everybody else, because these PLUS cards, other than the DMA/Memory board, are really hard to find.

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    Yesterday I built an OPL2LPT and today I tested it on my Tandy 1000 EX with my Parallel port adapter .... and it works great! really great! I even patched Space Quest ]I[ and got full Adlib sound instead of the Tandy Ti chip music! Im pretty darn happy with that!

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