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Thread: Word of Caution: USB to IDE on 486-era drives

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    I tested my MS-DOS HDD on my Windows 7 32bit machine and when I booted the machine up it went right into MS-DOS. lol

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    Decided to take the risk and try it again on some more mid-90s hard drives I just bought. Same thing except the hard drives didn't get corrupted. Went to exchange for a different USB to IDE adapter, and works great now, so the adapter had been bad the whole time
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    When I work on such old computers which have IDE drive one of the first thing I do is replace it by IDE2CF adapter and a CF card of equivalent size, or slightly bigger. Inclusive complete file/system transfer and backup to my server.

    Such old mechanical drives are a large risk for all the work you put in such old computers.

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    Funny...I have a Toshiba 810MB 2.5" HDD that does the same thing.

    Even when connected directly to the onboard IDE interface of the board I use to do partitioning and file copying (ECS 755-A2), the BIOS can't identify the drive - the device identifies as a string of apparently corrupted characters and software can't work on the drive (e.g. FDISK would say there was no fixed disk present). The drive works fine in Pentium laptops though.

    I have two of that exact same model. The one with the earlier firmware/revision number is the one with the problem. The newer one doesn't have the problem. I've previously scrapped a third (well, the first of the three I guess) of the same model for the same misbehaviour.

    It's possible that it's not the adapter at all. I think it's a firmware bug on the drive. Even if the content of the drive was damaged by the attempt to connect it to the USB adapter, the hardware of the drive is probably working just the same as it always did.
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