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Thread: Apple ][ x486

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    Lightbulb Apple ][ x486

    I had a thought about the apple ii ad8088 co Processor card could be used in conjunction with a intel inboard 386? If you could than you could play doom on an apple ii possibly...
    (Ps, if this could work I have an intel inboard if anybody has an apple ii with that coprocessor)

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    I don't see how. The Inboard is made specifically for a real PC. ISA PC and Apple II cards aren't interchangeable like that.

    Speaking of the AD8088, has its software even been made publicly available? Last I read, no one seems to have a copy of it archived anywhere. I'd love to know if that situation has changed, as it would inspire me to seek out an AD8088 in the future. For the moment though I'm happy with my PC Transporter, even if it is lousy for playing PC games...
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