Hi@All, i attached the above drive to a "modern" PC. Bios is showing to support the 360KB drives. PC is running on MS-DOS 6.22. It is an IBM 6224 with 1 GB RAM. When i try to format a DS/DD Diskette i encountered following problems

1. The format program is running fine until 70 %. Then it starts the typical "bad sector" scrathing
2. This performs up to 102% of formatting (never seen before
3. The disk contains after formatting only 179.712 bytes of space (so only one side ?)
4. It always has 59.904 in bad sectors (tried with two different disks and two different Tandon TM100-2A)

My intention was to build some diskettes with OS before mounting back the Tandon Drives intho their home (one IBM 5150 and one IBM 5160). Both drives are working fine on the IBM 8 BIT Controller in their original machines...

So i think the Bios of the "new" PC not really supports the 360 KB Formate ? Anyone has an idea or tried this stupid thing before like me ? Just searched over 2 hours the net... Even isolating Pin 34 does not help

Thanks in advance....