Got one of their old servers (Verint Audiolog 3000 Max Pro) in an auction with some other stuff i was looking for.

Problem is the IT department didn't wipe the drives and to be responsible in selling the system I have to destroy the data. I'm not griping because the pervious installer left the server and client install software on the drive. I put another set of drives in the raid array, reloaded the OS and useing the instructions, installed the server software.

Unfortunately, the server software (not the windows login itself) dosent accept the password i setup during the install process (which installed without any issue)

I've tried the defaults (UN: Aluser1 PW:audiolog and UN:MERCOM_ENGINNER PW:robofish) but they do not work. Oddly enough, after trying to install it several times, I notice in the password field that the software adds a character after entry, so maybe its wiping the password and installing a default of its own.

Again, the install proceeded without error, the required .reg file (for the license) and the required audiolog license file .ALF loaded properly.

Anyone have a clue? I'm due to talk to their partner's customer service agent soon, but I doubt I'll get anywhere...