I have a mostly working, partly untested IBM PS/2 Model 30 8530-021 up for sale. Its pretty standard inside with the 8mhz 8086 processor, 640kb of RAM, 20mb Hard Drive, 720k 3.5" Floppy Drive and not much else.
It has no extra expansion cards in the ISA slots, no math co-processor either. However the ISA expansion board is in there, and the battery on it is in good shape.
The board itself looks like it has a factory trace patch for a single broken trace.
Its very clean inside and outside, the screws for the case cover could use a bit of de-rusting but the rest of the machine is free of corrosion or yellowing.
I say mostly working, partly untested because while it boots up, i have no 720k floppies to try loading up the config disk or PC-DOS boot disk with. I dont know if the hard drive works or if the floppy drive works. The HDD light comes on at startup briefly, and inserting a 1.44mb or 1mb disk into the 720k drive causes it to read, but just gives a obvious formatting error. But otherwise it boots with no bios errors or anything.

It uses 14 pin VGA output for the MCGA integrated graphics, i removed a pin on a 15 pin VGA cable and it works fine with my cheap LED monitor, though its running in 640x480 stretched.

I live in Porter, Northwest Indiana. I would greatly prefer to sell locally as something like this is very expensive to ship due to weight and size, and while definitely not fragile, ive had bad luck with USPS before.
Im up for any prices, ive seen these go online for anywhere from 50-200$ depending on condition and components.

Im not in any rush to sell this machine (i quite like it), but if youre in the general area and are interested, send me a PM or email me at 2150726@gmail.com.