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Thread: Internet Modem?

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    Default Internet Modem?

    My family has switched to VOIP so I can no longer use my internal modem.

    However, I have found a solution for this:

    A program called internet modem, which lets you connect an old computer through a null-modem serial cable to a newer computer and use the newer computers internet connection as a "modem".

    I have this program, and the hardware needed.

    However, when I do atdt www.thekeep.bbs, I get "modem error code = 4" on the console of the program on my newer computer.

    Does anyone know what error code 4 would mean?

    I followed this video, even though he did it on the amiga, it should work for any system with a serial port.

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    An unfortunate choice of name for that program; where can it be found?

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    Why not just set the old system up as a dumb terminal to a linux box?

    Or network it and use the mTCP telnet client.
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    The typical ATDT command is:

    ATD DIAL (ATD ###-#####)
    P PULSE (ATDP ###-####)
    T TONE (ATDT ###-####)

    So, the Hayes Modem would be looking for the actual Phone Number.

    The video shows the BBS being menu selected and the ATDT command is quickly overwritten and I've no way of
    describing which event caused it to be overwritten. You will have to play with the ATDT command to see if
    you can make it dialout. (example. ATDT 222-9999) His Amiga software did the BBS Selection through that
    Menu system and likely stuffed the Phone number into the ATDT command string.


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    While true a Hayes modem would look for numbers the modem emulation software sitting on the host PC would translate that so the guest PC can connect. This is all basically through telnet. You don't mention which modem emulation software you are using on your host PC? I like to use a command line tool called TCPSER.

    You usually have to follow the website with a port number: ATDT

    I have found it much easier to use a Wifi Modem. There is one that connects directly to the serial port and allows you to connect directly via any terminal program. I have one for the C64 called WiModem. Supposedly there will be WiModem 232 for standard serial ports on all PCs/Amigas etc. But someone else made one that plugs direct but I can't seem to find the link right now.

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    I went for the insane and ended up installing a Panasonic D816 PBX system. The house routes through it with analog lines but one line is specifically connected to a modem that is connected to a machine for emulating the ISP side of your usual PPP connection. It is pretty primitive though so it isn't doing something like rewrapping https connections for HTTP-only browsers but it means from anywhere in the house I can plug a machine into the wall, dial extension 209 and I get a carrier signal.
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