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Thread: Searching for some DEC boards.

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    Default Searching for some DEC boards.

    Just in case there is someone in this forum that hasn't seen my post on cctalk.

    I am looking for a few different Unibus, Omnibus and other flip-chips.

    They are

    M829 / M8290 / M8291


    PDP-8/I / PDP-8/L flip chips:
    A607 (*2)



    There is always the route of reverse engineer them or create new designs (Atmel 5V CPLD should be able to handle a lot of the logic), but before doing so I could just ask to see if anyone have a board or two to trade or sell. I have plenty of various DEC boards, parts, disk packs etc.

    Yes. I know that there is the wanted forum, but I guess that very few actually read it and thus my request would never been seen.

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    I have been notified that M023 is probably a typo in the BA08 manual. It is most likely the W023 cable. I have some W023 cables already.

    And if someone has these cards and don want to let go of them a photo could be nice instead!


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    Here are scans of the M842, Omnibus plotter control - board is Etch E, ECO level K. These are 600 dpi images; I can scan higher resolution if you'd like.
    [EDIT - the website seriously down-sampled my images - if you want the full-resolution originals, let me know and I'll send them offline]

    BTW, I recently got a full (and working) Calcomp solenoid assembly for the pressurized pens along with a few pens that still work. I'm fabricating a cable now and hope to be testing the plotter in the next week or so.

    Now you've got me thinking about hooking it up to my 8/I!



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    Hi Mattis,

    I put pictures of a M8290 and a M8291 at
    If you need better, let me know and I will either clear a path to the scanner or take pictures a quarter-board at a time.
    I can be talked out of the actual boards, but I'm in the US so just shipping them to you would be costly.



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