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Thread: pdp-8/e and RX01 restoration.

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    OK. SimH will run under Windows. You can then create an image which you use PDP11GUI to transfer to your disk. There is a disc write utility in PDP11GUI that supports MSCP. It will take for ages I guess.

    Other than that I cannot think of any other option than someone to send you RX50 floppies. Or maybe you could get the rainbow to run Dave Dunfields ImageDisk? And then find appropriate disk images somewhere?

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    What is a PDP11GUI?
    I'm not familiar with SimH

    So I think I'll go get the Rainbow going.

    Then go locate those elusive images. (where do they hide themselves?)
    It can be the console as well.
    I have Rainbow Kermit
    What is the utility to create image copies on a Rainbow called?


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