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Thread: Damn you, MICROSOFT!

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    Default Damn you, MICROSOFT!

    Rare Replay is a collection of RARE games including among others Conker's Bad Fur Day, Battletoads, and other classics. Since Microsoft owns the Rare studio now, it is only on Xbox One.

    I think but am not sure that most of the other games I wanna get are PS4 exclusives. Such as Shenmue III should it ever release.

    I know a PC is more suitable a machine... but anyone else annoyed by exclusives?
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    If Goldeneye winds up on one of these collections, I'll sell me and all my neighbors catalytic converters for an Xbox one.

    Why no PC port Micro$oft?
    If you are feeling generous, I want a Laser XT more than anything.
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    Shenmue II was a USA exclusive on Xbox regular while the UK and Japan saw them on Dreamcast where they belonged. And Saint's Row one is still there even though the sequels got released nearly every where else. Even Dead Rising eventually got ported to other platforms from 360...

    Two great games originated on Game Cube: Resident Evil "REmake" and Resident Evil 4.
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    Quote Originally Posted by markyb86 View Post
    Why no PC port Micro$oft?
    Because how else are they going to get people to buy an XBone
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