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Thread: Stefan's Classic Brochures

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    Default Stefan's Classic Brochures

    As I have been busy scanning some more brochures these few days I thought I'd share the link to my collection of brochures :

    You can also do things likes this : to find brochures that I tagged with Z80.
    Years can also be used in the same way for the brochures of which I know a certain date etc.

    My collection of brochures :

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    Very nice, although I would suggest adding more! Toshiba had a lot of cool flyers, for example.

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    Well these are all the brochures I personally have, so what I dont have doesn't make it to the website
    My collection of brochures :

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    Ah, I get it. Cool! Keep it up, then, they are really really nice.

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    Plenty more to scan
    My collection of brochures :

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    These are very nice. The Tulip PC in particular brings back memories.

    Have you considered uploading them to some other archive site, for posterity or as a backup?
    Offering a bounty for:
    - The software "Overhead Express" (doesn't have to be original, can be a copy)
    - A working Sanyo MBC-775, Olivetti M24, or Logabax 1600
    - Documentation and original disks for: Panasonic Sr. Partner, Zenith Z-160 series
    - Music Construction Set, IBM Music Feature edition (has red sticker on front stating IBM Music Feature)

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    Not really, and I am also not intending to place them on an other site.
    I cant stop anyone else from doing it but I would prefer people just linking to a page.
    Mind you, proper backups are naturally made daily
    My collection of brochures :

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    Great! Cool! Keep it up!

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    Very nice. Will include links / credits on my Philips blog.


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