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Thread: AST Advantage! 9313

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    Cool AST Advantage! 9313

    Bought an AST Advantage! 9313 today. Including original CRT / keyboard / mouse. Pentium 200 MMX. Will update this topic and my blog once it arrives. $150 including shipping so that is a good price.

    Bought it for Pirates! Gold (might need an ISA Trident or so to get it to work) and WarLords II (Deluxe).

    Will need to figure out whether the onboard sound is Sound Blaster compatible. Hoping to get a Roland Sound Canvas & MIDI cable cheap (< €50) in the EU. Going there again in November.

    Got lucky and bought a MOBO bundle with SVGA / 8BIT game / CT1300 Game Blaster pretty cheap today. Won a Magnavox 386SX auction yesterday.
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    Got it in today! Plug & play! Warlords II runs great with the MOBO sound (SBPRO2 in Windows 95). Will need to find the drivers for the MPU-401.

    Cannot imagine the seller cleared much: 2 huge & heavy boxes + eBay / PayPal fees. Almost 1,600 miles door to door.

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    Wow, even the original box and demo label on the front. Very nice looking! =D

    It's not safe to turn of your computer!

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    Yep! Lots of fun so far. Pirates! Gold crashes. Trying to find the sound drivers online. The sound card is a very small set of chips integrated with the MOBO through a DB. Interesting stuff.

    Update: found the original manual online (9000 series): no mention of the chipset. Tried CS4232 drivers (UART MPU-401 / WSS / SB IRQs IO DMA present). No luck so far. Will try more tomorrow.

    Update: tried CS4237B drivers: works in DOS but not Windows 95. Will keep searching some more.

    Update: got the 386 MOBO bundle with CT1300 today. Good news: CT1300 works great. Video Seven VGA appears to work. Bad news: volume dial fell of CT1300. MOBO blew up once connected to power. Did not test the game / Adaptec HDC+FDC / modem.

    Update: finally found some time and opened up the tower. Super clean. Had to remove cover. Had to remove bottom. Had to remove middle bar with fan on it. Had to remove HDD rear plate. Pulled OEM ISA modem. Pulled aftermarket PCI modem. Identified an OEM Yamaha OPL IC. Also pulled 2X 32MB SIMMs.

    Update: in DOS mode SB / SB Pro works great with Civilization / Warlords II / Pirates! Gold / Doom 2 / Duke Nukem 3D. 80MB RAM is not great for DOS. 16MB is.

    Update: Yamaha YMF-701S with DSP QS1001 & QS1000. Put in a Video Seven VGA D2A62LVGA16 and it worked. Pirates Gold! did not work with that VGA though.

    Update: 95v2343.exe is the Yamaha OEM driver and it works flawlessly. Even in MS-DOS with Sierra games. Will try the MPU-401 (UART) when I get my SC-50 from NL in November/December.
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    Finished a Warlords II scenario! Awesome game!

    Started Civilization. First game froze. Second game is ongoing. Looking good so far.
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    I have that exact same Monitor!

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    Nice find!! Rare to find a machine with the original stickers, boxes, and monitor!!

    I'm a bit jealous :P
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    I am pretty good at eBay searches and elsewhere after 5+ years of wasting time on it.

    The AI in the Civilization game I am playing is really tough. Destroyed the Russians (Eurasia) and English (in England) so far. Destroying the Indians (in South America) was very hard. They launched piles of nukes. I am going to attack the Aztecs next (throwing nukes like crazy as well). Need to take out their capital in MX to shut down their space program. All the nuke pollution (despite clean up) already triggered one global warming streak.
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    Installed a CT2740: much better sound quality.

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    you'll wanna up that ram to 128 which was the max for most EDO based motherboards.


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