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Thread: AST Advantage! 9313

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    16MB is perfect for DOS gaming.

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    Well it is, but then its not top of the line for its time. I thought since SIMMs are cheap right now, he might as well make the machine the 90s gaming monster it can be

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    TBH I do not really care about top of the line.

    Formatting some diskettes this evening. Lots of bad ones in a 100+ lot I won a week ago.
    Update: turns out they were all physically damaged on the film. Filed a return report with eBay. Item was sold as used (e.g. fully functional).

    Update: conquered the world with the Russians in CIV1 yesterday. Picked up an IKEA desk yesterday. Picked up a NEC MultiSy c 1700 LCD/TFT today. The CRT was too big for the small desk. Started CIV2: great game: need to read up on strategy a bit.
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    Started another game of Warlords II yesterday. Loads of fun. Especially stacking dragons. Also played some Duke Nukem 3D. The MOBO sound is not that bad really. Waiting for some SAA1099s to upgrade a CT1320.

    I also played a lot of Civ2 during the hurricane but need to finish that game.

    Periodically I get side tracked to Age of Empires II HD though: played a 9 hour (one 15 minute break) game last weekend. 9PM to 6AM EDT.

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    The back of the case looks a lot like a beat up AST that I junked...that AST had a funky 5-disk CD changer in it, which I of course kept because it's cool.

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    Lots of these ASTs look very similar. Makes sense. Typical 90s design.

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    Hooked up a SC-50 today. Through a CT1740. Will try onboard OPL3 this weekend. Works great.

    MU10 also works great.
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    Excellent detective work!

    DB50XG sounds pretty different from SC-50: not sure I like it yet.

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    Got an AHA-2930 in the mail yesterday. Need to test it out once I get a ST-157N in. I ordered this stuff last Monday. Taking 7+ days to get here.

    The ST-157N was LLF-ed and formatted on the AHA-2930 but did not appear on the ST-01. The ST-157N did not come with terminator packs. Should have checked that.
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