Seems like a bunch of interesting stuff today:

Kaypro 2000 with 768K RAM and 1200 Baud Modem

ARC branded 286 clone PC
In the Atlanta area

Packard Bell PB686 286-12MHz

Dell 486D/50 486 50MHz 16MB no HD
Has a combo 5.25"/3.5" drive

HIQ Branded 386 generic desktop PC, crack in front bezel.

IBM PC/XT 5160 with keyboard

Sanyo MBC-555 Computer System, with monitor, disk drives, keyboard, and Easywriter

Cordata PPC 400 portable with Keyboard

IBM 5150 PC with 5153 color Monitor, Model F Keyboard, and 10 mb HD

Laser Turbo XT desktop PC clone
Some damage to the case cover

No-name desktop PC clone with 8088-2 CPU
Looks a tad dirty/corroded outside, but they show the insides