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Thread: Pre-AdLib PC sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixter View Post
    Look for the "Echo 1000", an adapter for the Tandy 1000 EX and HX special slots. I have one but haven't had the time to set it up and test it yet. I dumped what I could here:

    Latest date on the disks is 1987, so a quick estimate on when the Echo 1000 was available is 1987.
    OK, found more Echo products:

    Echo PC - mentioned in "Braille Monitor" from January 1986 -
    Echo PC+ - ISA card, (C) 1987 -
    Echo PC2 - (C) 1988 -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloudschatze View Post
    These were released in 1988, for what it's worth.
    OK, Roland D10, D20, D110 are all from 1988, removed.
    Casio MT-540 and CT-460, however, seem to be from 1987:

    Also, regarding an omission, the Creative Music System was originally released in Singapore/Malaysia during the same month the Ad Lib MSC was released in North America - August, 1987.
    Indeed, the video linked in the original post claims that Game Blaster was from 1988, but CMS was from 1987, only rebranded to "Game Blaster" in 1988.

    Current list:

    1981 - IBM PC Speaker
    1981 - Votrax Type n' Talk (SC-01-A based later model)
    1982 - Votrax Personal Speech System (SC-01-A based)
    1983 - IBM PCjr SN76496, also in Tandy 1000 (1984)
    1983 - Standard Microsystems PC-Talker (Votrax SC-01 based)
    1983 - Tecmar PC-Mate Speech Master ISA card (Votrax SC-01-A + National Semiconductor Digitalker)
    1984 - IBM PCjr Speech Adapter
    1984 - MPU-401 with MIF-IPC or MIF-IPC-A
    1984 - Votrax Votalker IB (ISA card, SC-02 based)
    1985 - NEC SAR-10, "Audio Response Board"
    <=1986 - Street Electronics Echo PC
    1986 - IBM PC Convertible Speech Adapter
    1986 - Mockingboard from the Bank Street Music Writer package
    1986 - Tecmar Music Synthesis System / Music Magic Synthesizer
    1986 - Yamaha FB-01
    1986/87, probably never released but supported in games - Microprose The Entertainer

    Also possibly released before AdLib:

    1987 - Casio MT-540 and CT-460
    1987 - Covox Speech Thing
    1987 - Covox Voice Master
    1987 - Creative Music System
    1987 - IBM Music Feature Card
    1987 - IBM PS/2 Speech Adapter
    1987 - Roland MT-32
    1987 - Street Electronics Echo 1000
    1987 - Street Electronics Echo PC+
    1987 - Votrax Votalker IB 2000, 6511 based software ISA card
    1987? - Yam Educational Software SoundBuster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xacalite View Post
    They're not. Here is a well-researched reference:

    And another:

    Quote Originally Posted by "Latimer, Joey. "Music by the Numbers." Compute!, Dec. 1988, pp. 42.
    Casio MT-540 MIDI Keyboard." This is a new minisized MIDI synthesizer that includes built-in stereo speakers, PCM digitally sampled sounds and sound effects, and a complete digitally sampled percussion kit. It's one of the best-sounding Casio minikeyboards I've heard."
    I'm sure other examples exist, where I've come across nothing authoritative citing a 1987 date. Ideally, the manual would list a year of publication, but the scanned examples I've come across for the MT-540/CT-460 (shared) do not.
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