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Thread: FS: Altair 8800B w/ Altair Disk, MITS Comter 256, MITS Prom Programmer & Disk Drive

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    Default FA/FS: Altair 8800B w Altair Disk, MITS Comter 256, MITS Prom Programmer & Disk Drive

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this community but thought I would share some of the various MITS items I currently have for sale online.

    The 8800B was recapped and does power up and passed some very basic test scripts but beyond that is untested. All other items have not been touched or attempted to power up. Everything has been stored in a climate controlled room for probably 25 years or so. Lots of documentation included with these items as well, much of which is original.

    If anyone has any questions about the items or would like to see images of a specific thing, please feel free to send me a message here or on eBay and I will be in touch.

    I am also located in Indiana if anyone is interested in free local pick-up or wants to take a look at anything.

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    Nice kit! But they're not "FS", they're "FA"

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    Good point

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    Looking at the auctions, I don't see the interface board that plugs into the Altair and connects to the PROM programmer. I didn't happen to miss seeing that board somehow did I?


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    The Prom appears to connect through the Serial Interface Board (88-2 SIO) along with the TTY I also have for sale. The interface board is included for sale along with the Altair unit.


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    Update: All items listed in this initial thread have sold.

    I do have an additional Rev 0 Altair Floppy Disk Drive (unit only, just like the Rev 1 initially listed) up for auction -


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