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Thread: Cyberpunk games list

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldCat View Post
    New offerings: Observer, Invisible Inc., Dex, Technobabylon.
    ..Shadowrun Returns games (especially Dragonfall)..

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    Forgot to mention, there is a System Shock remake in the works...

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    Shadowrun is on Steam. Not the shooter, this one's an isometric RPG.
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    ..System Shock remake is in the works...
    Really? A fan remake or an official remake? By whom? Do you have a link?

    It can be argued that the BioShocks were the spiritual descendants of the System Shocks, but it would be nice to see the originals revisited in Current-Gen quality.

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    How about this one:

    "A Mind Forever Voyaging" - (Infocom).

    Just scroll down to the 'plot' synopsis on the wikipedia entry.

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    Most of the ones that come to mind have already been mentioned, but I didn't see Circuit's Edge listed. This is an old DOS (possibly other platforms) RPG game based on George Effinger's "When Gravity Fails"

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