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Thread: Cyberpunk games list

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    Default Cyberpunk games list

    Here I'm going to list my favorite cyberpunk games both vintage and modern. List your favorite games with computery visuals and/or hacking gameplay.

    1. Fract Osc - as an owner of many hardware synthesizers I just love this game.
    2. Rez - that soundtrack... Buggie Running Beeps is one of my favorite techno tracks.
    3. System Shock 1 and 2 - self explanatory
    4.Cholo (remake) - That atmosphere...[/video]
    5. Desync - cyberpunk FPS[/video]

    And there was this one demo of a game where you hacked into in using a DOS prompt but I forgot what it was called. And apparently there's an embedded video limit? Odd, never had that on a forum before.
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    A classic between classics: Snatchers by Hideo Kojima

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    Neuromancer by Interplay... for the time it was made, pretty impressive (theme song by Devo, "Some Things Never Change")

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    Quote Originally Posted by TravisHuckins View Post
    Here I'm going to list my favorite cyberpunk games both vintage and modern. List your favorite games with computery visuals and/or hacking gameplay.
    Cyberpunk-aesthetic specifically, or any game with hacking? If the latter, then the classic RobotWar immediately comes to mind. Program your robot to kill other programmed robots. Rocky's Boots could be very slightly considered light hacking for children. And of course the Hacker series.

    There are lists available of games containing Cyberpunk and pseudo-hacking.
    Offering a bounty for:
    - Documentation and original distribution disks for: Panasonic Sr. Partner, Corona PPC-400, Zenith Z-160 series
    - Music Construction Set, IBM Music Feature edition (has red sticker on front stating IBM Music Feature)
    - Any very old/ugly IBM joystick (such as the Franklin JS-123)

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    OH WOW REZ IS NOW ON PC! I am complete.

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    Is Steampunk allowed as a sub-genre? In that case we have to include 'Bioshock', the spiritual successor to the System Shock games.

    Imagine System Shock 1/2 redone with modern graphics and sound. Oh. My. God. They were creepy enough in blocky SVGA.

    Along different lines and slightly more vintage, how about 'Beneath A Steel Sky', point and click adventure by Revolution. Quintessentially Cyberpunk story and setting. I think it even has an opening story trailer by Alan Moore (of 2000AD fame). I think it's been freeware for a while now (you can download it from the repo in most Linux distros, so you can even get it for the Raspberry Pi).
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    Thanks for the recommendation on Fract Osc, DEFINITELY gonna check this one out. Seems to tick all the boxes for me, exploration / chillout game, synth-heavy soundtrack, flat-shaded polys. (Just noticed it's half off on the Humble store which helps too. :P )

    Futuridium EP is another good one if you're into that style, a little more action-oriented though. KILLER soundtrack. You can buy the 'Deluxe' version on Steam but the original was released as a free download & can still be found if you search.

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