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Thread: Epson HX-20 from Bundeswehr, some questions about unusual memory expansion and so on.

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    Looking at the Simtel archive, I see several programs designed to edit EGA/VGA fonts. I haven't used any of them so I don't know which will be the easiest to create the character set you want.

    Trying to make a full scalable True Type font for use with modern Windows is a process that could take a lot of time. I recommend only working on a single raster font size and skipping all the hinting to make the Windows screen look right at other point sizes.

    Maybe using the fonts from could speed your process so you only find the few characters that need changing.
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    Yes, I have various sets of alternative fonts for PC, but these are all for DOS/text mode screens. I also have progs to edit the fonts, and software to load the font into RAM and swap that font to be the active font for normal operations.

    Interesting to try to make sense of a DIR listing displayed in a highly cursive script font.

    If you're using WinDoze, this will do its own thing, and everything will be much more complicated.


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    Now i wan't to show you one of the tricks that i did with HX-20 build in tape:
    It is a loader/indexer program that keeps a track of a files that are on the tape. Alternative for the paper with all the programs and its positions listed.
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