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Thread: Recycling Service?

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    Default Recycling Service?

    I know a while back I posted in "General" about recycling options but I wondered if I were to box up some stuff and ship it to you at my expense would you recycle it or make sure it got to an appropriate recycler? If you would be up for this, please PM me.
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    What would you call an "appropriate" recycler? I have one in my area I stop by probably 2-3 times/month at least, mostly because they also have a surplus store that sells some of what they bring in, and they sell the old computers they get pretty cheap ($0.75-1.00 per pound, though I can usually haggle them down).

    But they do take e-waste, so if that meets your requirements, I'd be willing.

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    Is any of this stuff usable/repairable?

    I have a client that I've know since his Model I business system days and his company makes epoxy based products and all my board waste goes there.

    They de-populate them, dissolve the G-10, skim the solder (and dispose of it as hazardous waste), recover the copper and mix the epoxy into their new products mixture.
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