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Thread: Norcom Model 3 clone

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    Up on the solder side of the motherboard... so it faces upwards with the motherboard in its normal components-down orientation.

    I'll send some photos later if I remember.
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    I got some time this weekend to work on the Norcom some. The issue with the video was due to the monitor and keyboard. The video started showing the same problem on a Model I. I adjusted the monitor and fixed the connector (it was loose) and the screen was stable. The blanking was due to stuck keys. It looks like the column on D4 is stuck. I did connected a M3SE and it booted successfully but immediately went into the debugger because the "D" key is one in that row.

    There are also several non-responsive keys. I checked continuity on the cable connecting the keyboard to the system board and it's a good cable. I ran out of time yesterday to see which keys are dead so I can see which rows and/or columns are bad. I'll do that this evening. Will the issue be just in Z1 through Z4 or could this indicate another issue?

    I also noticed the 5V voltage regulator seems to run hot. The bottom of the board underneath it shows signs of overheating.

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    The keyboard was very dirty and I had a dead Model I with the nice Alps keyboard so I swapped it over and everything is working now.

    The monitor is still a little off. I have three Model I monitors and none of them are in good condition. I'm going to keep an eye on eBay for a good composite monitor.

    The RS232 connector has 20 pins. I'm thinking the Model III RS232 board may be compatible. I'll have to find one to try.

    As a side note, my grandmother used to have a small B&W RCA TV she kept in her den. After I started using the TRS-80 in high school I realized it was the RCA TV that was modified for the TRS-80.
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    I've always wanted one of these. Missed getting one back when. I keep hoping one will come my way, or someone will make a reproduction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Hartman View Post
    I've always wanted one of these. Missed getting one back when. I keep hoping one will come my way, or someone will make a reproduction.
    I don't think it would be too difficult to reproduce, just time-consuming.


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