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Thread: Nice ZX Spectrum and Oric House Clearance haul!!!

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    Cool Nice ZX Spectrum and Oric House Clearance haul!!!

    Hi everyone. Something exciting happened to me last week. I was walking past a house where a house clearance was going on near where I live in South London and noticed an old Atari 2600 on the back of the lorry. I asked the two nice guys who were doing the clearance if I could take it. They INVITED ME TO COME INSIDE THE FLAT AND TAKE WHAT I WANTED!!!
    After an hour of looking and a short interval of going off to find a shopping trolley I managed to walk away with a nice haul of Spectrum and Oric gear.
    I would be interested to know if any of this is of value or collectible as I am planning on selling some of it. I have done a haul video but I've yet to edit it so for now I thought I'd do a kwiklist:

    OK I got:
    4 x 48K ZX Spectrums. 1 works perfectly, 1 works but has RF output issues and a bad speaker. 2 dont boot up and show a block screen.
    2 ORIC 1 computers. Both seem to need new 7905 regulators so I'll fix that.
    1 ORIC Atmos (Works nicely!!!)

    Spectrum peripherals and interfaces:

    1 Opus discovery Disk drive for the ZX Spectrum. Works nicely.
    2 Multiface one interfaces.
    1 Multiface 128 interface.
    1 "doubler" interface.. ??
    1 MIDICON interface.
    3 ZX Interface 1's
    1 ZX81 Sinclair 16K RAM pack.
    8 ZX Microdrives and the ribbon connector and 3 joiner connectors (for joining 1 drive to another)
    around 8 Microdrive cartridges.
    1 ZX Thermal printer with roll of silver paper.
    1 Alphacom 32 Thermal printer with roll of paper.
    1 ZX Spectrum power supply (working)
    1 ZX Spectrum +2/3 power supply (working)

    and oh yeah! 2 Intellivoice interfaces for the intellivision system. One looks unused. Its still in its Bubble wrap.
    Also got an old Transistor tester TT144 model which is nice.

    Some ZX Spectrum utility tape titles. Assembler and machine code programs and some stuff for the multifaces I think but I need to check.
    Loads of books inclusing 2 copies of Spectrum machine code for the absolute beginner, 2 copies of Supercharge your Spectrum, Cracking the Spectrum (excellent book on machine code) and around 15 or so other titles including some games programming books for the ORIC.

    A Videomaster Colourscore TV game with power supply and controllers (boxed) untested though...
    Old Atari 2600 (wooden) untested.

    after saying thanks to the guys and buying them a Coke each I HEAVED THE SHOPPING TROLLEY AWAY WITH MY EYES GLAZED!!!
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    Wow. Amazing haul! Whenever I see people clearing out a house I always take a second glance, just in case a vintage computer is hiding there, but so far that has never happened. Glad it did happen at least once!
    They should all have some value, not sure exactly but I would hazard a guess that the Oric may be a bit more than the ZX Spectrum, just due to the popularity of the spectrum. But I may be wrong.

    If you decide to sell one of the spectra, I may be interested. Thanks for sharing.

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    super stuff! im interested for the multiface 128, msg me if you decide to sell it. thanks!

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