Starts at a low 99 cents plus s/h

This box includes a variety of used but working when taken out of service, however are now being sold as is, computer components.

Everything listed will be in this box.

Compaq Presario TITAN M Motherboard with AMD K6-200 ALR Processor, 256k Memory Cache Module, 64 meg 3.3v RAM module

SIS 6326 Chipset AGP Video Card

Generic 16-bit ISA LAN Card

Generic 16-bit ISA Token Ring 16/4 Card

W89C940 PCI Ethernet Card

2nd W89C940 PCI Ethernet Card

Generic PCI LAN Card

2nd Generic PCI LAN Card

3Com Fast Etherlink/XL PCI LAN Card

3Com EtherLink III 16-bit ISA (3C509)

2nd 3Com EtherLink III 16-bit ISA (3C509)

3Com EtherLink III 16-bit ISA (3C509B)

Generic NVIDIA TNT2 AGP Video