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    A few weeks ago I bought a Lynwood Scientific Developments Ltd terminal, which I think is the one mentioned here last year as there can't be that many left! (this is serial number 1136)

    I've fixed the faulty power supplies and it now works, but the screen has a vertical line which i don't know how to diagnose or fix - CRT's are a bit out of my comfort zone!
    There was a loose ferrite doughnut rattling round in the case, but I don't know where to replace it? Also the adjustable coil on the seperate board looks as if there's a ferrite slug / magnet missing from beside it?

    I've included a couple of pictures of the display to show the distortion in the middle and the squashed right hand side. Brightness turned up and down.
    I've traced the CRT drive circuit and attached it. I wonder if it's a noise issue or failing capacitor? There are a few electrolytics but they look okay.

    Any help / suggestions are gratefully received.


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