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Thread: OldCat's everchanging collection of curiosities

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    Glad this thread could be of use to someone!

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    A bit of an update - it is, after all, everchanging collection of curiosities. As I have mentioned previously, I did sell all unloved children. On the back of that money, I did update, clean and renew my Toshiba T3200SX, which is the darling of my collection:


    Removed HDD and put in CF card instead, which required BIOS change to pull off. Used two ISA slots, one for CF to have easy access to it and the other one for a soundcard (low profile Opti one due to place limitations):


    The result is great and you can see it in the photo below:


    Playing Loom EGA version works great, because whilst theoretically equipped with VGA card, Toshiba T3200SX' screen only displays 16 levels of brightness, so 16-colour games designed for EGA cards work best. I am in love with this machine, this is definitely my favourite one.


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