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Thread: Creative Music System / Game Blaster clone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Williams View Post
    they need to delay a certain amount of time to allow certain writes
    Shades of Adlib/OPL2 programming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soviet9922 View Post
    Got one of this kits from ebay:

    Seems very similar to this one but no identical, is the same project ?.
    Hi friends, I am glad to see this wonderful whiteboard to draw with me. I can say that there are two errors in this board, and I can also say that this is a Tronix invention, which means that MUS was borrowed from the Tronix circuit. Personally, I changed the decoder in this board, built according to the MUS scheme.

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    Now I changed the board, removed the errors and installed 7805, this board will be on sale soon.



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