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Thread: Atari 2600 - no carts- how to test?

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    Default Atari 2600 - no carts- how to test?

    Hi guys. I'm not sure if I should be posting this here as its about an Atari2600 but as its not an actual computer I thought it would be OK.
    I've got a filthy looking Wooden front "Light sixer" Atari 2600. It can be cleaned up quite nicely. I've no cartridges to test it though (BOO HOO). When I power it up (using a 9V Microprofessor power supply and a couple of bits of wire (don't worry I know my polarities) I get a blue and grey stripy screen. Does this sound like a standard bootup screen?

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    Atari 2600s require a cartridge to operate. Otherwise they just display random gibberish.

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