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Thread: QBUS 68000 Board

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    I have one of these as well. I doped out the board-purpose and connectors to be as you described from the included chip-set, but then laid it aside for future exploration. I, too, would *very*much* appreciate obtaining more documentation :-}.

    Since my module made it overseas (I'm not located in the UK) ATC certainly sounds like an reasonable explanation. No CEGB 'round here!
    Looking at the product sheet that TasKiNG posted yesterday I see that it's for 50 Hz operation and therefore I assume PAL, although there is fine print stating "US. venison with 60Hz display refresh are also available." -- presumably NTSC then. Although my board is identified as the more flexible SBD-B I don't see any indication as to whether it might be NTSC vs. "standard" PAL. The SUPERVISOR 214 documentation from Dave does reference NTSC once regarding the reduced resolution under that standard but otherwise seems to presume PAL.

    It would be awful nice if "A module of subroutines (HLIB) is available for PDP11 and LSi11 hosts which is coded in Macro 11" would turn up ...

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    I haven't found the SBD-B manual yet, but I have located an SBD manual for QBUS. This is not 100% the same, but the -B is a compatible upgrade.

    I am currently 'negoatiating' to either get hold of the manual to scan myself or get hold of a scan copy. There are two manuals - one for the hardware and one for the programming commands. I know for a fact that the command set is the same between the two cards.

    As an aside, another contact sent me the manuals for the SBD+ but this was interesting to me as it was a later VME card. I remember these being QBUS; so they must have produced a later card with a VME interface. These scans are rather large, so I will need to think how I am going to get them from work to home...

    Bit more time yet...

    Maybe a Christmas present?!


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    Thanks Dave.
    Would be a great xmas present. Much better than the socks, slippers etc I normally get


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