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Thread: More CRT woes: CTX 1451

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    Just reset the bios in the hopes of dislodging any old data from my last monitor and tried 4 other video cards (pci and ago both), all producing the same result. It's worth noting I had no problems with 640x480 on my old Trinitron, so I'm assuming it's the monitor itself. It seems to have some fundamental incompatibility with 640x480 for some reason. It's worth nothing that the vertical sync itself looks ok, as does the signal it's receiving, it's just repeated horizontally. The different iterations each have slightly different data, as you can see in my original photo.

    Is there anything I could try before giving up on this monitor as a lost case? I'm not afraid to open it up, as I have a proper discharging tool and can work my way around it. If there's nothing I can do I may just have to pass it on, but it's a really nice little monitor so I'd hate to do so.

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    You could try an EDID emulator, but they're quite pricey.

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    I suppose that may work, but it'd be an awful waste if it turns out not working. If no one knows how (or if) I can get 640x480 to work I may sell it, I'm eyeing a 16" Samsung syncmaster on Craigslist. But still, I'd like to get it working if at all possible. Anything else I can try?

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    It would help to know where you're located.

    Your Profile conveniently holds that info so you don't have to mention it every time you post a message.
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    At this point I am thinking that monitor has something broken or out of whack in it.

    You might see if there are any vertical or horizontal adjustment controls inside, some fixed frequency VGA CRT monitors did. If it is out of whack, it could be syncing to one resolution but not another.

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    I think you might actually be on to something, when I picked it up the guy said he had to fix the focus and may have tweaked a few other things inside. I have to go to work soon, but I'll definitely take a peek inside there. I have the correct tools and knowledge to work inside, so there shouldn't be any issues on that front.

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    Sorry for the double post, I just looked inside. SomeGuy, you were right on. I located a series of 4 potentiometers for horizontal sync (the problem I assumed I was having, since vsycn worked). Hooked up my laptop displaying 640x480 (thanks, compatibility mode), and tweaked one at a time to see what they did. Eventually brought it into line and now it swaps happily between 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768. Thanks so much!

    I did take some photos of the internals and potentiometers in case the info could prove important later. Not sure if I'll post them now.

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    Well, I would hope this was fixed and good but it appears to have developed another issue. The monitor simply won't see the video output from my PC. I know the monitor is good because it works with my laptop, I know the PC is good because it works if I haul it upstairs and hook it up to the flat screen. I've tried 3 video cards, all with the same result. I know it isn't plug and play, but shouldn't I get some sort of image on bootup?

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    What do you mean by "won't see the video output"? Does the CRT power on or does it stay in sleep mode (if it has such a thing)? If the CRT does power on, do you see a raster when you turn up the brightness all the way?


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