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Thread: Reasonable price to pay for Apple II+? History of this price?

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    Maybe someone can explain this one. There must've been millions of them. I am not grasping the valuation at all.

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    Yeah, that's absurd. I guess I need to sell mine, but I guarantee they will mysteriously fail to sell for $10. eBay is full of scammers/shills.

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    These were made in large numbers however most have been scrapped. Comic books were made in even larger numbers but as is always the case with things people no longer value, they get tossed, and the few that remain become valuable. It's about how many remain and are actively being sold (supply). There are doubtless lots of these these things setting in attics and garages that people have no idea what to do with. Price will always be dictated by supply and demand. As time goes by and collectors snap up what is being sold and more people simply toss there parents old computers the price will rise. You can still get these at low prices especially if you are willing to settle for one in less than prime condition and fix it up (half the fun anyway).

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    Yep, so i'm in the same boat. Would really like a IIc set up with ADT pro just to play my old favorites like oregon trail, moon patrol, and number munchers. When did these units start going so stinking high priced? I had one when I was a kid my dad bought me at a garage sale for 20.00. 20.00!!!! Came with EVERYTHING! When it stopped working, we just threw it away. Box and all. Man! So now here I sit, in my 30's and just want some nostalgia. I'd settle for the yellowest, dirtiest piece of garbage as long as there's still some life left in it.

    This morning while searching ebay, coming up dry, I switched gears on over to craigslist in my area. Nodda, pop back to ebay, only to find a new buy it now listing that just was listed. Apple IIc untested with powersupply. $25.00 Or best offer. Clicked on it, SOLD! Like seriously! It sold within 5 minutes of being listed. And I missed it in the 5 minutes I was on craigslist. Such a bummer! So hopefully you got that one sharkey1331!

    I'll just have to be patient. When the right one comes along, I'll know.


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