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Thread: VCFed's Univac

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    Default VCFed's Univac

    Here's a phone video from a recent repair workshop at the VCFed museum in New Jersey. Bill Dromgoole is demonstrating progress on one of the tape drives for our Sperry-Rand Univac 1219B mainframe (circa mid-1960s).

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    I had to go looking for the model number--it was completely unfamiliar to me. It's the military version of the 418-II--more of a testing machine and part of the Navy's MK 152 "fire control computer". Roughly contemporaneous with standard mainframes, such as the IBM S/360 and CDC 6600--and Univac 1108 (which I have a passing familiarity with).

    Its military application accounts for the "military" look.

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    You are correct.

    It would have been used on a destroyer or cruiser for controlling radar and weapons.

    Ours was used at a university laboratory for developing software.

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    Hi All;

    Evan, "" Ours was used at a university laboratory for developing software. ""

    What Software did it run and what kind of Software were they developing ??

    THANK YOU Marty

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    As I understand it, they were developing software for use on the ships. We don't know details.


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