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Thread: blog spammer invasion

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    Try logging out and see if you still see the posts. If not, then they must be unapproved posts awaiting moderator approval and visible only to whoever posted the blog. It looks like all blog entries and replies should have a "report" button just like forum comments. Wouldn't forum moderators get alerts from those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynchaj View Post
    No, they are there. There is one approved post from 2009 and 190 or so (19 pages) worth of unapproved/deleted pharmaceutical spam posts. Maybe only the blog moderator sees the posts. Please boot user Rapharm off the site though for blatantly abusing with blog spam.
    I cleaned out the spam from that group. Please report problems directly to moderators - it makes things go faster.

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    For those that don't get it, use the triangle with the ! in it.

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