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Thread: UCSD Pascal for the Atari ST

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    Default UCSD Pascal for the Atari ST


    I just read in an archive of an old German Atari magazine, that there was a release of UCSD Pascal including F77 and Basic compilers in 1986:

    Because I am currently performing some experiments with this system on other architectures, I would be glad to get my hands on an disk image of that OS for the ST as well.

    If anybody wants to sell the original package, please drop me a PM

    Best regards

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    Wasn't there a port of HiSoft's High Speed Pascal for the ST? That is one of the best Pascal implementations I've used. But I didn't have it for the ST.

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    I have the Personal Pascal compiler from Optimized Systems Software, Inc. (Santa Cruz, CA).

    You might want to investigate this link and thread, however:


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    Had still no look during my search.....


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