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Thread: Early Sol-20 Restore

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    Default My Sol-20 Restore Complete

    Quote Originally Posted by jhalbrecht View Post
    A couple weeks ago I applied ECO 1000 - 1002, crowbar, to a recently acquired early Sol-20 with an original regulator board.
    • I tested the motor start / stop circuit and relays. Check.
    • I tested the Serial port as RS-232. Check.
    • Buttoned it up.
    • Reclaimed the dining room table (for awhile)

    MySol-20 Restore.jpg

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    Looks great! Sol is an awesome machine.


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    Default Icing for the SOL-20 display

    Quote Originally Posted by jhalbrecht View Post
    ... a recently acquired early Sol-20
    This Sol-20 came with a Panasonic RQ-413S cassette deck without the power cord, but happily with the audio and motor cables. While looking around on eBay I found a RQ-3090S with a power cord in a Peter Max Box. Sold! I think it will make a nice display with the Sol-20.


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    Default Sun 320-1018 keyboard availability

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_Z View Post
    Thanks for the pointers. I hope to tackle this job as soon as the snow flies around here. Till then I'll watch what you guys are accomplishing. Mike
    You can get the keyboard that I used as a parts donor here; They are ~$25 buck$ and $8 - $20 for shipping.

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    That Motorola monitor is sweet!

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