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Thread: Does anybody understand how OPL2 percussion mode works?

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    Zone 66 actually mixed 4 voices on the digital channel while using the other FM voices.

    In terms of playing digi drums and other instruments using only a single digi channel, I think the first game to do this was 4-D Sports Boxing:

    ...but I think the nicest use of it was by Vibrants:
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    I've never heard anything done in percussion mode on OPL that didn't sound like a bunch of tin cans being banged by monkeys with soda straws.
    I'm beginning to think that this is inevitable. I think the Snare and the Bass drum can be OK but its seeming like the hihat and cymbal just can't be programmed to sound half decent. I thought about using samples but that obviously wouldn't work on the original adlib which I want to target.
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    The other option, of course, is to roll up normal OPL2 patches for your drum sounds and give up on the dedicated percussion channels. It takes some doing, but you can coax better alternatives out of the chip if you don't mind losing the "extra" channels.
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