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Thread: Giving away my whole collection

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    Default Giving away my whole collection

    i've decided to end my computer hobby. I've had it with everything and I need to find a new interest to stay sane. So I'm giving away my whole collection to anybody. I'm not interested in money. Just pay shipping. I have a 386sx tower, a gateway 486, a pentium ii dell, a dozen empty beige computer cases, 4 crt monitors, power supplies, 30 something cd/dvd drives, and boxes of computer internal hardware. Even a Voodoo5 somewhere. I'm from Alaska too. Hopefully someone else can enjoy all the hardware i've collected over the years. I don't need this old hardware really, they are sentimental, and I can just learn how to use dosbox for my games and just focus on having just ONE computer rather than a bunch of oldies.
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    Are you giving away everything as whole or will you post a list of the items?

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    I have been there a few times already. My suggestion is to take pictures and post them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssdj View Post
    Are you giving away everything as whole or will you post a list of the items?
    I'm going to organize everything and likely make a list to post here. I prefer to give away bundles to whom wants what.

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    I'm making a list right here and I'll keep this post updated as I photo and come across more of my stuff. So please check back.

    First up, I have one complete custom build 386SX 16 tower with 4MB of ram and a possibly failing 120MB hard drive. I'm not sure if the I/O controller card is going bad, possibly bad ceramic caps, but I believe it's fixable once you tinker with it or replace either part. It kept on giving a hard disk controller error in the BIOS more and more frequently and wouldn't boot from the hard drive. Last I checked It still has the original install of DOS 6.2 and Win 3.1 and a fancy, well organized, DOS Shell like interface with games like Wolf 3D, Jill of the Jungle, and Rampage pre-installed.


    Next in line is this lovely and fully functional Gateway 2000 4SX-33 desktop. It has a 486 Overdrive 66MHz with 16MB ram, and a 428MB hard drive. It runs Windows 95.

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    Please do not post "PM Sent!" type messages ... they will just be deleted on sight. (And a few have been already.)

    See for details.

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    Well, that is significantly more expensive then "just shipping"....
    Current Wish List: 1. IBM 7531 Industrial Series PC 2. NEC MultiSync XL (JC-2001) Monitor 3. Copy II PC Enhanced Option Board (the one with the toggle switch on the back) 4. MicroSolutions MatchPoint AND/OR UniDOS card 5. Compaq 14" VGA CRT Monitor (the one that came with the SystemPro)

    If you have any of the above for sale please PM me. Thank you!


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