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Thread: Kaypro 10 - as a reason to begin learning, not just "playing". From where to begin ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by durgadas311 View Post
    Also, nice photo. Photographing computer screens is not easy. Looks good!
    Thanks ! When making pictures of classic compuers with CRT screens I just minimise brightness so it glows no more than other objects reflect natural light and use a tripod, close aperture and shoot at 4 ... 30 seconds speed with 100 ... 400 iso.

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    One of the better CP/M books is "Soul of CP/M". It pretty much covers it all, including 8080 assembly.

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    The "Kaypro CP/M" booklet that comes with(?) the machines I found is super useful, it teaches the basics of Z80 assembly with example code


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