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Thread: Game Card Automatic in a 200mhz system?

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    Default Game Card Automatic in a 200mhz system?

    Would there be issues with using a Game Card Automatic gameport card in a 200mhz system when it says it goes up to 120mhz? Do I just set it to the highest setting and hope it works?

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    I don't see why a game port card would care about the CPU's clock speed if it runs off the ISA/PCI bus. It was probably manufactured before 200 MHz CPUs were available.

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    The speed settings are actually settings to slow down the response from the joystick ports, for games that use speed-sensitive code to read the joystick. Any game that was programmed properly (most coders had figured out the correct way to read the joystick by around 1990) will work fine no matter what the gameport speed setting is. Any speed setting should be fine in your system for most games you'd want to run.

    Put another way: If there is a game with bad joystick code that fails on your system, chances are very high the game itself runs way too fast as well and would be unplayable even if the joystick were completely functional. (Think about games made before 1984, where they were hard-coded to a 4.77 MHz 8088's speed.)
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    Well, the oldest game I currently have is Ms Pacman which was made in 1985 and that ran fine on my 90mhz system. The majority of the games I have are from the 90's so it should be fine then. One weird issue though was with the game Stargunner running to fast on that 90mhz system even though it was recommended in the system requirements. Maybe it had too much RAM? lol

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