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Thread: 80386DX-33 rebuild

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    I have used phone batteries with old AT motherboards with no problems. I used old batteries that didn't hold enough charge for phone use, but held plenty for just holding CMOS. I have shifted these days to mounting a coin cell holder and a diode to use the lithium coin cell batteries. It makes for a very tidy mod.

    I also have a DTK Turbo XT desktop that I bought myself for my birthday last year. It was cheap on eBay and the pictures looked promising. When it came, the fellow had packed it well, and it proved to be all original. Aside from cleaning away the dust and the floppy drive heads for good measure, there was nothing that needed replaced or repaired. There was nothing on the hard drive I wanted, so I did a low level format of the ST225, then set it up with DOS 3.3. The drive had NO bad sectors. I love the reconfiguration dance as much as the next person, but I couldn't bear to change this machine.
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    Yes, these seem to be very reliable machines. Mine had an ST-225R in it. It worked fine, but I wanted more storage and reliability. I later sold the drive and controller to someone on here and got most of the money I paid for the computer back. I have also added a 1.44 MB drive that only works as a 720 because the controller card doesn't support it. I have a controller that I think will work, but I haven't decided if I will install it yet.
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