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Thread: Dauphin Orasis Tablet, missing power supply

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    Default Dauphin Orasis Tablet, missing power supply

    So not too long ago I bought a Dauphin Orasis tablet, after about 3 years of searching. The trouble is that it does not come with a power supply and while I have determined the barrel connector is center positive, I have no idea what the voltage requirements might be for this thing. I did try the power brick from my Dauphin DTR-1, which is 12v 2.1W, it does power on but does not post. Nothing comes up on the screen. I have a feeling the power requirements are probably higher for this thing, but no idea what they are.

    Anyone have one of these machines? Or have any discernible way to determine what power it might need?

    Also, there is no label on the unit that says what the power requirements are.

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    12V 2.1W are far too less to even power up the CPU, it's only 175mA. I'd rather would give it a try with a 1.5A-2A power supply.

    Could you take some pictures from the power-supply part inside the tablet (usually around the power connector). Maybe the parts mounted there can give a clue.


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